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Those Crazy Tea Partiers are VIOLENT!

At a recent even for Congressional candidate Rand Paul, a Paul campaign volunteer, Tim Profitt, was caught on tape supposedly head stomping Lauren Valle. Valle, who was hired by, has been all over the news telling how she was basically minding her own business and simply wanted to hand Paul a mock award. Video (which did indeed show her getting wrestled down and a foot planted on her shoulder) appeared to show her getting unduly attacked by some goon-acting Paul supporter.
The left-leaning talking heads are going nuts, comparing things to German, circa 1930, and how Hitler’s Brownshirts (the folks that became the Nazis we are all familiar with) used to beat down the opposition. So, Tea Party=Nazis.
But hold on a second. A subsequent video shows that Ms. Valle is not as forthcoming with the truth as she should be. Let’s put aside that she was a person dressed up in disguise (which meant no one knew she was part of the opposition). She is seen not handing the so-called award to Paul, but shoving it through the passenger window at him. Once she realizes security is after her, she runs around behind the vehicle. Meanwhile, Paul gets out and starts walking towards the building. You then see Valle coming around the front of the vehicle trying to run at Paul again. At THAT point she gets taken down.
Any sane person can understand why she was taken down–security saw her as a threat. Not exactly how she’s telling it, no?
Let’s see if Olbermann, Maddow, and Matthews choose to address this or if they simply continue to use it as an anti-TP plot device (not to mention, Paul’s opponent’s use of the video in an ad).


One response to “Those Crazy Tea Partiers are VIOLENT!

  1. blue8ass October 30, 2010 at 6:19 pm


    Even with the way you presented this, she may not sound innocent, but it still sounds very much like the hostility shown her and the violence of the response exceed the motivating action.

    It would be helpful if you could post the video clip that enabled you to come to this opinion.

    Nikki E.

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