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Republican Sen. Voinovich: vote “no” on compromise to force tax reform

Republican Sen. George Voinovich is officially my hero of the day.  He has stated that he is going

to vote no on the compromise announced by President Obama on extending tax cuts and

extending unemployment:

“I’m going to vote to no on everything,” Voinovich said Tuesday about the proposal

to extend all tax rates by two years and federal unemployment benefits by 13 months. “I want to not extend them. I want to force us to do tax reform.”


“We borrowed the money to pay for the first one; we borrowed money from China to give me a tax break; we borrowed money to pay for our wars; I’m tired of borrowing

money,” said Voinovich. “I want tax reform, which means that we’ll pay more taxes, but we’ll get tax reform and make some sense out of this terrible situation.”

“We’re sticking my kids with debts for things we weren’t willing to do without or pay for,” Voinovich added.

Wow.  A politician actually making sense!

Read the rest here:GOP senator slams deal on taxes, vows to vote ‘no on everything’


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