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using religion to guilt people about giving to the poor is the in thing to do

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While checking out the recent Facebook status updates and feeds, I noticed that a few of my friend posted a Colbert clip where he humorously speaks of how Jesus would be a liberal.  As his argument goes (like others i’ve heard), because legislation giving help to the poor, or unemployed, or less fortunate, ect doesn’t get passed, or when people don’t want to jump on board the single payer healthcare train, people who claim to be Christian aren’t being very Christian-like.  In fact, they are being quite selfish!  Quite often, the argument is used by left-leaners against conservatives.  After all, aren’t those republicans always claiming to be religious?  and doesn’t their religion say to give??

There are serious holes in this method of argument that always seem to get ignored.  First, if we are going to look at how Jesus did things, he spoke directly to the people to give.  I don’t know of a time when Jesus was advocating for the government to grab folks’ stuff and do the giving for them.  When the government gets involved, wacky things happen.  Projected costs get understated.  Budgets get blown.  And when it comes to spending, once it starts, they rarely want to make cuts.

Second, often the same folks that get criticized because they don’t want the government digging in their pockets are already giving in some way or another.   Could be to a local charity or non-profit, or to their church.  so I guess for them, the argument is “well, they need to give more” or “well, they can afford it.”  Really?  Any reason to get what one needs, I guess…

Its a trip that in this day and time, folks believe they have a right to something that forcefully takes someone else’s time, talent, money, ect.  “Rights” aren’t constructed that way.

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