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Revisiting the notion that only the Right does hateful rhetoric

As the protesters in Wisconsin are happy to show (and as I have been saying for a while now), the left is perfectly capable of the hateful rhetoric that supposedly is exclusive to the right.  Yes, the video is from the Wisconsin GOP (for those who care), but the evidence is clear.

One response to “Revisiting the notion that only the Right does hateful rhetoric

  1. offshore corporation March 3, 2011 at 12:54 am

    .. ..RACHEL MADDOW HOST Good evening Lawrence. That interview with the congresswoman from California was incredible. That tape was incredible last night but it s great that you were able to get here on the air. That was awesome…LAWRENCE O DONNELL THE LAST WORD HOST Thanks…MADDOW Thanks…Thanks to you at home as well for joining us for the next hour… ..You know the team that won the Super Bowl in professional football this year is a team that doesn t have an owner. It is a team collectively owned by 112 000 people people who are fans of the team and who own it together. The team is a nonprofit…That team of course is from Wisconsin from Green Bay Wisconsin. ..It is hard to imagine them being from anywhere else……. ……..This is what Wisconsin looks like right? This right here is the town of Union Wisconsin. Yes I should have specified which one I meant because actually there are seven towns in the state of Wisconsin that are called Union. It s not north union and west union and east union no they re all called Union Wisconsin…There s a Union Wisconsin in Pierce County. There s a Union Wisconsin in Burnett County. There s a Union Wisconsin in Door County where they make Death s Door gin which is delicious. There are seven towns in Wisconsin called Union and they are all over the state…You know the whole concept of unemployment insurance that while you re employed you essentially pay a small part of your paycheck as kind of an insurance premium for unemployment insurance and if you get laid off that system pays you unemployment benefits? You know where we got that from? Wisconsin. Wisconsin enacted the nation s first unemployment compensation law in 1932…You know the whole worker s comp idea worker s compensation you know where we got that from? Wisconsin. In 1911 Wisconsin passed the nation s first statewide worker s compensation law…It eventually made it so employers had to provide payment compensation to their employees if the employee got hurt on the job. It made it so that employers would provide compensation for any loss of life or limb that occurred on the job. It doesn t seem like that crazy an idea. You get killed on the job or you lose an arm on the job you and your family get compensation for that…Everything we think of now as worker s compensation thank you Wisconsin…When most of us think of Wisconsin now we think about the Packers Cheeseheads cheese curds Laverne Shirley Happy Days The Fonz oh God how I love The Fonz. Hello Mister Winkler. That s what we think of when we think about Wisconsin right?..But for most of American history before now when Americans have thought about Wisconsin about what Wisconsin means to the rest of America we have had to think about the rights of people who work for a living. You know how today is Friday? Oh how I love Friday…Friday today was a particularly beautiful Friday here in New York City. But even the worst day in the world is a good day if it is a Friday. And why is that? Because after Friday is the weekend and for most people working most kinds of jobs in America weekends are days off. The whole concept of the weekend again thank you Wisconsin!..The eight-hour workday and 40-hour workweek was a national movement. But seven protesters died in 1886 in Wisconsin while marching for the eight-hour workday and ultimately what we all know as the weekend. That happened in Wisconsin 124 years ago…The governor of Wisconsin at the time ordered the state militia to shoot to kill any protester who entered the mill that they were marching for that right. The militia did open fire. Seven protesters were killed. Those lives were lost to that cause but that cause prevailed. And in all likelihood you get tomorrow off…….

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