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The Troy Davis Death Penalty Case: It Helps to Know the Whole Story

I am not a supporter of the death penalty, so I wanted Troy Davis’ death sentence to be commuted on those grounds, for starters.  Then, over the last few months and years, many of us have heard things that seemed to make the case for Davis to be spared, and possibly be innocent.  The other day, discussing the case among my Facebook crew, I stated that I really need to get up to speed on what appeals courts look at when a case comes before them.  I figured that maybe, I’m relying too much on just the anecdotal information being put forth in the news, mainly by people who support his innocence.

Interestingly enough, I came across a piece by Erick Erickson, radio talking head and editor at, where he lays out the case.  It was just the information dump I was looking for and made me come to a simple conclusion–Troy Davis was guilty as charged.

What he points out make arguing to the contrary very difficult.  There were three Air Force airmen who were firsthand witnesses to the murder.  Troy Davis had Officer McPhail’s blood on his clothes.  Davis had a .38 that had been linked to a previous crime, and a .38 is what was used to kill Officer McPhail.

But there were two p0ints he made that really jumped out at me in this case that really point to Davis’ guilt:

For the first time in 50 years the United States Supreme Court ordered a federal court to conduct an entire rehearing of all the evidence. The court did and found all the new stuff was, again, “smoke and mirrors,” including the retracted confessions. And while building the case to claim that Sylvester Coles was the real murderer, the defense would not call Coles in for examination.

One would presume that with all the reviews of evidence and the rehearing, one of the courts would raise a fuss if there was a chance he wasn’t guilty.  None did.  Then, the second thing:

MacPhail reported in that he had run passed Sylvester Coles. MacPhail was shot from the front in the chest and face — not from behind where Coles was, but from the front where MacPhail himself located Troy Davis.

That one is hard to shoot down.

You can read the entire piece here.

Palin’s Map or when crosshairs aren’t really crosshairs

Interesting article on Townhall from Neal Boortz.  Whether or not you like him as a host, he actually makes an interesting comparison.  While members in the Palin camp say that the marks on her infamous Facebook map were not crosshairs (and Boortz backs this up), there are other maps that do depict bullseyes with politicians as targets–and they were created by Democrats:

OK … just what map are we talking about here? Several months ago during the heat of the 2008 midterm elections Sarah Palin put Giffords on her “target list” of Democrats in vulnerable districts who voted for ObamaCare. The list included a map featuring what the media and those on the left are calling telescopic sight images placed over vulnerable districts. Somehow, the liberals have construed that to mean that Sarah Palin literally wanted to “target” Giffords to be shot.

using religion to guilt people about giving to the poor is the in thing to do

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While checking out the recent Facebook status updates and feeds, I noticed that a few of my friend posted a Colbert clip where he humorously speaks of how Jesus would be a liberal.  As his argument goes (like others i’ve heard), because legislation giving help to the poor, or unemployed, or less fortunate, ect doesn’t get passed, or when people don’t want to jump on board the single payer healthcare train, people who claim to be Christian aren’t being very Christian-like.  In fact, they are being quite selfish!  Quite often, the argument is used by left-leaners against conservatives.  After all, aren’t those republicans always claiming to be religious?  and doesn’t their religion say to give??

There are serious holes in this method of argument that always seem to get ignored.  First, if we are going to look at how Jesus did things, he spoke directly to the people to give.  I don’t know of a time when Jesus was advocating for the government to grab folks’ stuff and do the giving for them.  When the government gets involved, wacky things happen.  Projected costs get understated.  Budgets get blown.  And when it comes to spending, once it starts, they rarely want to make cuts.

Second, often the same folks that get criticized because they don’t want the government digging in their pockets are already giving in some way or another.   Could be to a local charity or non-profit, or to their church.  so I guess for them, the argument is “well, they need to give more” or “well, they can afford it.”  Really?  Any reason to get what one needs, I guess…

Its a trip that in this day and time, folks believe they have a right to something that forcefully takes someone else’s time, talent, money, ect.  “Rights” aren’t constructed that way.

Why do people hate Sarah Palin so much?

I’ve often seen how people (usually left-leaning) react to anything that has to do with Sarah Palin.  Just the mention of her name evokes a visceral reaction from many that makes me scratch my head.  I’m not  a fan of her, but I don’t see her as being any worse than any other politicians.  The only difference between her and most other politicians is that she actually has a following.  Is that it?

On the Huffington Post, there is an article about how Palin child Willow had a meltdown on Facebook in response to someone criticizing her mom’ s TLC show.  While what she said was enough to have gotten me grounded for life if I had said the same at age 16, it has given Palin detractors another chance to take shots at her and her entire family.  It is as though people are so anxious to hate the other side that they must make it personal.

Calm down, people.  She’s just another politician.