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Georgia Legislature Considering Bill to Require Proof of Citizenship

Republicans won’t pass a bill to allow Sunday alcohol sales, but evidently, verifying a candidate’s citizenship is much more important!

Georgia has become the 10th state to require proof of citizenship for a presidential candidate before they are allowed to be put on the ballot:

Even though Hawaii officials have repeatedly confirmed Obama’s citizenship, his birth certificate has been made public and courts have rebuffed challenges, the so-called ”birther” issue hasn’t gone away.

Georgia Rep. Mark Hatfield, a Republican, said he still doesn’t know if Obama is eligible to serve as president, and 92 of his GOP colleagues and one Democrat support the bill introduced Monday.

”Most people feel it’s an issue to a significant enough portion of our population that it needs to be addressed by the state,” Hatfield said. ”It is, in a sense, a response to … the sitting president and his inability or unwillingness to release his original birth certificate.”

Lets be clear. This is nothing but playing politics. Somehow, these folks don’t realize how stupid they look. If there is anything about this that is shocking, its that one of the sponsors is a Democrat.
Need proof that Georgia deserves the bottom ranking for education in the US? Just look at our politicians.

Quick Hit: Georgia Governor’s race

On Tuesday, there will be people holding their noses as they vote for governor in Georgia. The two candidates (sorry, but the libertarian candidate has about as much chance as winning as I do) are Democrat Roy Barnes and Republican Nathan Deal. Deal has made the news for numerous issues, including an ethics investigation that found him guilty of using his office to benefit his family business and for a loan that went bad when his son-in-law’s business went kaput. Barnes is a former governor who, while in office, pushed an education reform bill that, in spite of its good parts (more funding, reduce class size), proposed to make it possible to fire a teacher without a hearing.
So, many teachers, who tend to be union members and vote Democrat, remember what happened the last time Barnes was in office. But they don’t want to vote Republican Meanwhile, many Republicans look at Deal as tainted goods, but will never vote Democrat. Based on the polls, Deal is going to win. But its going to be very interesting.