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Give Greta some points!!

I stumbled upon Greta Van Susteren’s show last night.  I rarely watch the show, but last night what caught my attention is that she was interviewing politicians from both sides of the aisle in regards to the Obama tax rate cut deal.

She was my hero for the night!  I can’t think of the last time I saw someone digging into politicians, not taking a side, but getting on them for their performance in general.  Her first victim was Senator Mary Landrieu from Lousiana.  While Senator Landrieu wanted to to do the typical talking points, Greta made points of her own.  She repeatedly said it was “borderline moral recklessness” that congress had waited until the last minute for political reasons to try to get such a deal passed, and she also pointed out that congress was being irresponsible by not doing more to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse (research how some in congress want a second engine for the joint strike fighter, but the Pentagon doesn’t want it).  Further, she pointed out that while folks were saying certain tax rate cuts were unaffordable, there hasn’t even been a budget passed so no one even knows how much money is needed to run the government for the next year.

Link to the video and the other videos of her gettin it in on the politicians is here:  Greta vs Landrieu